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The Simple Secret to Keep Your Aquarium Clean!

Father Fish

FATHER FISH explains the basics of a clean fish tank. A clean tank does not mean constantly cleaning. It is not natural and upsets the fish. Think of clean as healthy. What will make the tank healthier? Father Fish has discovered many ways we can increase the health of our aquariums. Join him and the Shoal on this journey to finding nature in our aquariums.
FATHER FISH is an advocate for natural aquariums. His research over 25 years provides a wealth of information about the creation and maintenance of natural aquariums.
On this channel you will find scientific research as well as personal testimonials by countless hobbyists who have applied the Father Fish System and are enjoying its amazing benefits.

www.Father.Fish no longer exists. Our new web site is

The Father Fish store is at: https://fatherfishaquarium.myshopif...
Lots of stunning merch is in the store.

THE FATHER FISH SHOAL on Discord is a wonderful way to meet and make new fishy friends as well as get the help you need. Join us at Father Fish Server on Checkout our store! You can buy plants, soil supplement, & more: https://fatherfishaquarium.myshopif...

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This is a wonderful way to meet and make new fishy friends as well as get the help you need. Join us at Father Fish Server on DISCORD!

0:00 Intro
0:29 Is your tank hardy?
1:41 The Easy Part
4:27 Plants Deal
5:00 Most Difficult Part
7:45 Create Effortless Aquariums
8:30 Evolution of Natural Aquariums
10:45 Nature maintains itself

edited by @deadmanswill

All clips used in the video are for representation or visual beauty and there's intention of maligning anyone. We always use clips contributed to us directly on discord or clips released under the Creative Commons license on YouTube or other platforms.

Clips from our discord members:
Titia's planted aquariums
   / @titiasplantedaquariums  
Gills in the Grove
  / gillsinthegrove  

Tank in thumbnail:
Nathanial Hendrickson

Clips used under CC license:
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