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Red Texas Cichlid Care Guide

Palmer Aquatics

Red Texas cichlid fish tank care is fairly easy besides their crazy aggression. I highly advise these canister filters on Red Texas Cichlid tanks. This was last years most sold canister filter. Here is a link:

Cascade Canister Filter:

More info from others:
They're only hard to find right now because the Electric Blue variety has become so much more popular. But yeah, the regular Blue Acaras are not an expensive fish. Especially if you're buying juveniles. Anything over $1520 is a ripoff, $96 is straight up robbery.

I just checked the link. It's $96 for 10 juveniles. So that's only $9.60 per fish. Not bad. But then you'd need either a massive tank, or somewhere/someone to buy the extras off you once you have the pair or two you want to keep.

Check the wet spot and tangled up in cichlids. It’ll specify if they’re normal or EB so you don’t accidentally buy something you don’t want. Laura Diflo no problem and the wet spot is a great place to order from. I placed my first order a few months ago for 5 wild caught. I placed the order on Wednesday afternoon. They shipped them on Thursday at 1pm and I had them by 9:30 am on Friday. Overnight shipping cost $65 but was worth it since the wet spot is located in Oregon and I’m in Indiana. To go that far in less than 24 hrs and have all fish healthy and alive was completely worth the extra $.

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I agree, I live east coast and have gotten over 200 fish from wetspot with only one doa, and the fault was with the shippers that time. They have excellent selection and very high quality fish. You won’t be disappointed in the quality.

Sorry for the low quality picture but this is my new tiger oscar. He has some tank mates for the time being but they are being rehoused in about 2 weeks. I was thinking of doing a black water aquarium for him. Any one do this before/ know about the pros and cons?

I did it for a while in my 125 gallon but couldn’t keep the color to my liking and keep up with regular water changes on a large tank. Figured it out and will be going back to black water for my 125 and my 220 gal once it’s setup.

Indian almond leaves aka giant catappa tree leaves. I bought 100 at a time off amazon for $50 if memory serves me right. 1 leaf treats 10 gallons and you can add more or less to achieve desired color. I put 25 in my tank and weighed them down with a rock to speed it up. What I didn’t realize is it takes a week to get the color I wanted and with doing weekly water changes I was wasting $. The leaves last approximately 1 month. The part I didn’t realize is while having leaves in the tank you need to put leaves in a 5 gallon bucket and get a concentrate to add when filling your tank back up and keep doing that with every water change or you’ll never keep the water the color you want.

no problem. I love black water tanks but I’ve never done it on really big tanks and it took some trial and error. You’ll still end up spending a decent amount of $ to achieve the look long term but personally I think it’s worth it.

Red Texas Cichlid Care is fun. awesome! I only have room for 2 big tanks so I’m gonna have my 125 and 220. I think though I might be able to find some room for 2 75 gallons. I have a steel stand that can have 2 tanks on so I’m gonna make room for that and then will be tapped out for tank space. Ok guys I need help don’t know what to do . We made a huge mistake in buying 2 3 foot shop lights from Home Depot . They are crazy bright and grow algae like crazy be great for a grow out tank . Right now we put a old 4 foot light on that looks like crap . Both ends Are so dark . I want the fish to be happy but also wanna see them to . Pics of leds and normal.

I have 2 of them. One was used when I got it 3 years ago and I bought another 1 year ago. Never had any problems with either of them.
Nice! I was actually talking about the specific brand lol but if you got yours online from eBay I’m sure they all are actually decent quality for the price. This one i posted i found for 49$!!! It was half off originally $99

Yeah true. What size tank you have? I have a 60g and this canister does 520 gph. Thought it’d be good plus I’ll leave my hanging filter on also. That one is a penguin 350 with bio wheels. Then i also have a powerhead with a filter on that as well.

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