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Burmese cats - 12 things to know and facts about this cat breed

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Burmese are one of the friendliest, most affectionate breeds and as a result are referred to as a “dogcat” as they crave human attention and can learn tricks like their canine friends.
The breed are highly intelligent, always down to play and can learn typically 'doggy' tricks such as fetch and roll over.
Here is what you need to know about the Burmese cat breed:
1. Origin Of Burmese cat
2. Recognition Of Burmese cat
3. Size & Appearance Of Burmese cat
4. Coat Color Of Burmese cat
5. Lifespan Of Burmese cat
6. Personality Of Burmese cat
7. Care and grooming Of Burmese cat
8. Health problem Of Burmese cat
9. Feeding Of Burmese cat
10. Training Of Burmese cat
11. Active Of Burmese cat
12. Cost Of Burmese cat

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