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Brushing Norwegian Forest Cats | Roy and Moss

Roy and Moss

This video shows a typical grooming session with Roy and Moss. Roy usually has less patience so he must have known that he would be on YouTube because he was amazing this time :D
I have tried lots of grooming tools in the past few years and these are my favorite ones. If you are interested, I'll share brand names but as far as I know, most of them are available only in Switzerland or Europe. I'm almost sure that you can find similar tools in pet supply stores around the world but under different brand names.

Roy and Moss are Norwegian Forest Cats from Hungary living in Switzerland.
Instagram:   / thenorwegians.royandmoss  

00:00 Tools I use
00:34 Starting with a Gentle Brush
01:15 Combing
02:06 Deshedding Tool
03:27 Gentle removal of matted fur
03:39 Moss' lion mane
04:01 Using scissors
05:17 Brushing "pants" and tail

★ Favorite snacks
Miamor 100% freeze dried chicken cubes: https://amz.run/5mqd
Orijen freeze Dried Cat Treats: https://amz.run/5mqg

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► Equipment
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Music from Epidemic Sound:
We're All Runners (Instrumental Version) Craig Reever
Test Of Time (Instrumental Version) Sture Zetterberg


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