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Is A Dog Really Smarter Than A Cat? I Check the IQ of My Husky And Kitty

North Yuki Husky

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Cats VS dogs compete in intelligence. Who is the smarter of the pets? Dogs or cats? I know the answer. But I suggest you solve this riddle yourself. Watch this funny video about the competition of cats and husky dogs. Which of the pets will get the treat out of the glass faster? This is a very exciting game that I like to arrange for my kitties and puppies to develop their mental abilities

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0:00 Yuki Level 1
0:18 Monty Level 1
0:29 Saga Level 1
0:55 Yuki Level 2
1:35 Monty Level 2
2:12 Saga Level 2
3:10 Yuki Level 3
3:29 Monty Level 3
3:43 Saga Level 3
4:12 Belka

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posted by lawator55