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What does it entail to own a Maine Coon and is this cat breed right for you

Wild Mane

Owning Maine Coons has been such a wonderful journey and I feel so lucky to be able to own this breed and see each of their personalities. I love being able to give other families the same experience that ours has with this breed. If you are in or near the northern CA area and are interested in getting on our waitlist for kittens you can message me on my Instagram for more inquiries. Our cats are Tica registered and DNA tested and raised with the upmost care and love.

Instagram: @wildmane_mainecoons
Tiktok: @wildmane_mainecoons
Email: [email protected]

Time stamps

0:00 Intro
0:10 Who I am
0:22 Specialty breed
1:01 Doglike cat breed
1:37 Appetite and Feeding
2:24 Vocal breed
3:12 Need large equipment
3:40 Clingy and need attention
4:31 They grow fast
5:01 Not all MC are huge
5:17 Two types of MCs
5:49: They don’t sleep much
6:56: Conclusion/ kitten update

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posted by fervorse7