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Brushing a Ragdoll cat's fur. What to do to prevent shedding?

Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Brushing a Ragdoll cat's fur. What to do to prevent shedding?
How often to brush a Rag doll cat's coat. A Ragdoll cat has a semi long haired coat, that is soft, silky
and easy to brush through. Their fur is short on the front legs and
tend to be longer on the hind legs. A Ragdoll coat is not prone to matting up or becoming knotted as that of some long haired cats. However a Ragdoll coat requires regular attention. In order to prevent matting you need to brush your kitty's fur once or twice a week. My vet adviced: "Be gentle when grooming to avoid extracting hairs, a cat's hair comes off very easily. In a manner of speaking, you could continue to brush until your cat is bald. If your cat is shedding much, wipe with a slightly damp microfiber cloth when necessary, this way you remove just dead hair, ". And it seems to work fine, I have less loose cat hair in the house. If you think your cat is shedding excessively, you are probably right and you need to call your vet. I love to hear your opinion about the gentle way!
We have had in the past, cats that have chosen us as a servant. But Bowie is another story, we bought him from a breeder. Bowie is a Ragdoll cat with all the characteristics of a Ragdoll cat. We have a lot of fun filming Bowie's typical Ragddoll's ways of doing things. We frequently receive comments from people who see similarities with their own Ragdoll cat in Bowie, some people discovered through Bowie's videos that their Rag doll cat has properties that many Ragdolls have.
We hope you have as much fun watching Bowie's videos as we do the filming.

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