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7 Benefits of Being a Ragdoll Cat Owner

Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Funny video about the benefits of being a ragdoll cat owner.
1. No alarm clock needed.
2. Bicycle tires pressure control.
3. Ragdoll Cat home interior decoration.
4. Watching TV together.
5. Ragdoll cats has the best home decoration ideas.
6. Bowie protects our home from ghosts and negative spirits.
7. The Ragdoll Cat workout.
There are of course many more benefits when you are an owner of Ragdoll cat. Maybe in "benefits" part 2.
And yes, Bowie thinks he owns the house and I am the servant.
I have had a lot of cats from childhood and most of them had these "benefits" too, but the character of a Ragdoll cat makes these benefits even more apparent. Ragdoll cats especially want to be in your area, so if you are doing something it seems they are assisting you. Bowie is very talkative sometimes it seems like we have real conversations. Most cats meow when they want something but Bowie mows almost everywhere and often with his mouth shut. Bowie's mother, Mavi, from Ragdoll Cattery Dollsboefjes, was also quite talkative, so it must be also in the genes because not all Raggies "talk" a lot.
Do you have a cat that is very talkative, or just meows when your cat wants something or a kitten that seldom meows, let it know in the comments and / or in the poll at the end of the video. I am curious if there are breeds that is more talkative than others.

Ragdoll Cat Gift Ideas:

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We have had cats in the past years that have chosen us as their servant. But Bowie is another story, we chose and bought him. Bowie is a Ragdoll cat with all the characteristics of a Ragdoll cat. We have a lot of fun filming Bowie's typical Ragdoll's ways of doing things. We frequently receive comments from people who see similarities with their own Ragdoll cat in Bowie, some people discovered through Bowie's videos that their Rag doll cat has properties that many Ragdolls have.
Due to circumstances, there is also a whole different kind of cat to live with us. And she is obviously very welcome. Bella is a Lambkin cat, we had never heard of, but she's gorgeous and so sweet. Bowie responds to her as a real Ragdol cat.
We hope, you enjoy watching Bowie's and Bella's videos.

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