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Bengal Cat Breed 101 Everything You Need To Know/All Cats

All Cats

Today's video is about Bengal Cat Breed 101 Everything You Need To Know.
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Are Bengal cats friendly?
The Bengal Cat – The Miniature Leopard of The Cat World. If you're looking for a cuddly cat that will purr and snuggle its days away in your lap – then don't get a Bengal!
These Miniature Leopards, although very friendly, are exceptionally energetic and curious, agile, intelligent, and constantly on the move

How do you calm a Bengal cat?
Bengals easily have the most energy and intelligence of any cat I have ever had the joy of having in my life. The only thing that I have found that calms them is taking them on a leash walk. After 20 to 30 minutes of playing and exploring outside, they will rest for 46 hours minimum.

How big will my Bengal cat get?
Size can also vary, but typically, a fullgrown Bengal cat will fall in the range of 615 pounds.

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