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Abandoned 1950 Dodge pilothouse truck will it start and drive?

Halfass Kustoms

Bought this 1950 Dodge Pilothouse truck off a buddy of mine that's he bought and was abandoned out on an old farm. Unknown how many years it's been since the truck was last driven.

00:00 Pickup an abandoned Dodge Pilothouse truck
04:53 unlocking front brakes
09:31 Walk around of the dodge
13:04 Attempting to start the Flathead 6
23:12 Opening up the motor
52:16 Attempting to start the motor attempt 1 million
1:01:23 Attempting to mover the truck
1:12:23 Freeing up the clutch
1:15:54 Moving under it's own power after many years

posted by or1kes21