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24 Hours Winter Camping With MRE Meals And Tiny Stove With Stream Inside The Tent

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Spark arrestor

Have not used it yet but here it is.

Tent Used in this video

Thermometer used in this video

The only issue I have with ordering this thermometer is you may get another variation of it, it says in the listing Springfield brand but I received Taylor brand one of the times I ordered it, basically the same thing but not the same dark font

The Wood Stove used in this video

As I said this wood stove works very good despite it warping a little bit and I think it'll last a while but if you're looking for one with a firebox big enough to go the entire night the link is below

Guide Grear Cast Iron Wood Camping Stove

I have had good experience with this stove so far other than a little bit of rust beginning

USA Mre Box I Bought

Humanitarian Mre Case

If you're looking for any of the other MREs used in this video you're going to have to search for them yourself as the sellers I bought them from on eBay are no longer active but there are numerous other people that may sell them, also dampers are available for that camping stove and I might look into getting one , thanks for watching

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