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10 Dog Breeds That Are Not for Families with Kids


What types of dogs are good for families with kids? Some of the dogs you see in movies or on the street seem to be cuteness itself. But after the first excitement of getting a dog abates, you may notice that your kid isn’t able to walk the dog on their own. Here are 10 dog breeds that aren't too kidfriendly.

Akita Inu 0:40
Dalmatian 1:31
Russian Toy Dog 2:11
Doberman 2:50
Husky 3:33
Basenji 4:20
Alabai 5:17
Chihuahua 6:07
Pekingese 6:50
Corgi 7:25

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Adult Akita Inu dogs can be aggressive toward other animals, especially representatives of their own breed. As a result, they can suddenly attack other dogs, ignoring any size difference.
Dalmatians are big, extremely strong, and overactive. Even if your dog is socialized and used to children's attention, you should closely watch its interactions with kids. Don't leave them alone even for a minute.
The Russian Toy is a gentle and very loyal dog. But you should remember that it has a truly sensitive nature. If there are active kids in your family, this dog will be constantly stressed.
Dobermans are exceptionally good hunters with perfect obedience skills. But it’ll take a lot of training to make the dog remember that your kids are masters just as you are and that they need not only protection but also respect.
A Husky is a strong, big, playful dog and can express its emotions by jumping at a kid. This may hurt or scare a young child, so you’ll need to teach the dog to show its feelings in the proper way.
Basenjis are unstoppably curious and highly intelligent. As a result, they are prone to disobedience.
The Alabai looks like a fluffy white bear. This is an exceptionally strong and big dog. The dogs of this breed make perfect protectors, but, at the same time, they tend to dominate.
The Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest breed. These dogs are usually aware of their fragility, and that’s why they don't particularly trust children. A small kid can perceive this dog more like a toy than a living being.
The most prominent feature of any Pekingese is its selfcenteredness. Most Pekingeses dislike children who make too much noise and try to touch or cuddle them.
Young Corgis can easily become aggressive after they have tested their boundaries and realized that they can get away with a lot. This is especially true for male dogs.

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