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Wrinkle’s lucky Duckling 🦢🍀🐥🇮🇪


We’ve been meeting with
many different humans
And every once in a while
There’s a meetup that becomes
It’s own little adventure

I thought I’d share with you
This little adventure we had
When we met with a fan
One of Wrinkle’s ducklings from Ireland

He was visiting NYC
So we went on a walk in a sky park
It’s a park in the sky
It’s called the High Line
Right here in New York

Thanks again to our Irish friends
For loving Wrinkle almost as much as i do
And helping to make a mundane day
Into a special memorable adventure

Yaknow its getting pretty clear
It’s getting about that time of year
It’s getting far too cold around here
So we’re about to head out again
And migrate around to see our friends
So remember you can reach out to us too
And we’ll be able to see what we can do
To arrange some time for a stop or two
When we get around to passing thru
Over out and around a town near you

Wanna meet Wrinkle?
Dont you cry, dont you pout,
Don’t be shy, just reach out:

[email protected]

Quack, quack
Wrinkle & Human

Wrinkle Merch Available:

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