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Wing Lift™ Container Carrier - Instructions


The Wing Lift™ is a patented, costeffective Container Carrier handling concept for lifting and moving containers short distances.

It offers extreme manoeuvrability in any directions when moving heavy containers without the aid of cranes or trucks.

• Easy loading on and off cargo aircraft
• Enables easy movement, even in narrow places with restricted height
• Solid, light weight construction
• Moves container in any direction
• Convenient handling of containers on any carrier: air, road, rail or sea
• Containers are towable using any vehicle
• Independent of cranes or forklifts

Reference examples
• Nato countries C130 Hercules, C17 etc.
• Red Cross and Red Crescent
• SAAB Microwave Systems
• Ericsson
• Rescues Services Agency, Sweden
• Swedish Navy & Airforce
• FMV, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration

Technical data
• Lifting capacity: 12 metric tons
• Lift height: 350 mm
• Weight of wingwheels: 190 kg each
• Weight of wheels in transport rack: 940 kg
• Transport rack for stowage of all moveable components
• Wheels: pneumatic or solid rubber
• Max. flat surface towing speed:6 km/h (solid rubber wheels), 12 km/h (pneumatic wheels)

Customer tailored solutions available for a wide range of transport applications.

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