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What is the personality of a Tortoiseshell cat? Are Tortoiseshell Cats Rare?

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What is the personality of a Tortoiseshell cat? Are Tortoiseshell Cats Rare?
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Scottish Fold Cat Personality

0:38 Are Tortoiseshell cats rare?
2:02 Tortoiseshell cats personality
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Tortoiseshell cats come in both long and short hair varieties.

Whether you want a long haired tortie kitten with a luscious coat, or a short and easy to maintain version, you’ll find the right cat to suit you.

long haired tortoiseshell cat

If you searched hard you could even find a tortoiseshell Persian cat or a tortoiseshell Siamese mix.
Look at your local animal rescue facilities and breeders, and you might be surprised what you can find.

What if you want to adopt a tortoiseshell feline friend. Are there any health issues you should look for?

Tortoiseshell Cat Color Isn’t Connected to Health
If you are concerned about tortoiseshell cat health problems, then don’t worry.

Since the torties are not a specific breed, there are no health issues associated directly with the cats.

However, you should be concerned about general health issues and remember that if, for example, you have a Persian tortie cat, you’ll need to look out for the health problems associated with Persians.

As always, when looking for a tortie, look out for the general cat health. According to an extensive Finnish study, the most common feline ailments involve the mouth, kidneys, and skin.

Tortoiseshell Cat Personality Varies
The tortoiseshell cat personality varies, simply because they can be from a range of breeds.
As a result, they most often show the personality and temperament common to that breed.

However, many people claim that the tortie has its own unique personality that makes them very demanding. They are the divas of the feline world.

For this reason, tortie lovers refer to this personality as “tortitude.”

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