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We Accidentally Started A Chocolate Company — Now It Brings In $162 Million A Year

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If Tony's Chocolonely founder Teun van de Keuken had his way, he would've ended up behind bars long before he created his popular chocolate company. The crime? Fueling slavery by knowingly purchasing a chocolate bar made with illegal child labor. Nearly 20 years later, Tony's Chocolonely is not only one of the most popular chocolate brands in van de Keuken's native Netherlands, it is known around the world.

Produced by: Beatriz Bajuelos
Supervising Producer: Jessica Leibowitz
Camera: Federico Campanale
Editor: Dennis Donovan
Animator: Gene Kim
Narrator: Nicolas Vega
Senior Production Manager: Kathryn Mavrikakis
Additional Footage: Getty Images, Tony's Chocolonely
Special Thanks: Mickey Todiwala, Marisa Forziati

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We Accidentally Started A Chocolate Company — Now It Brings In $162 Million A Year

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