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A Day With My Ragdoll Cat. 16 hours in 7 minutes.

Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Just a day with Bowie the Ragdoll cat. From early morning till late in the evening. Footage with behavior of a typical Ragdoll cat. Maybe it's the personality of a Ragdoll cat but Bowie regularly cry for attention and sometimes does things that are not allowed, like jumping on the side table. I've been told: "Brief moments of genuine attention make sure your cat learns to entertain themselves better and ask less for negative attention." I give my Ragdoll cat a lot of attention, because I like to be busy with Bowie. I don't care if it's right or wrong, we are a team, there is love and that's what it's all about. This video gives an impression of my happy life with Bowie the Ragdoll cat. 16 hours of the day in a 7 minutes video.

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We have had in the past, cats that have chosen us as a servant. But Bowie is another story, we bought him from a breeder. Bowie is a Ragdoll cat with all the characteristics of a Ragdoll cat. We have a lot of fun filming Bowie's typical Ragddoll's ways of doing things. We frequently receive comments from people who see similarities with their own Ragdoll cat in Bowie, some people discovered through Bowie's videos that their Rag doll cat has properties that many Ragdolls have.
We hope you have as much fun watching Bowie's videos as we do the filming.

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