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Trying to save life of 6 days old poor newborn kitten

Teddy Kitten - Rescue Center

This kitten's three siblings were killed by the male cat. Today we have traveled fifteen kilometers to adopt this kitten. An uncle handed over this kitten to us and told us a lot about the kitten's family. Tears were flowing from uncle's eyes when he told us this story. The story of this kitten is very emotional. It depressed us a lot.

Uncle told us that people like and watch your channel, upload this kitten video on YouTube, maybe people will adopt it.

We thought that whity cat had adopted a kitten before, maybe she will adopt this kitten too. So we took him to Whity cat first. Whity cat showed a little interest at first but later she left him and did not come near at all.

But this kitten has been accepted by Luna and she is also feeding it. She also makes him poop. She is taking great care of him. Currently this kitten is with us. We are taking good care of him. This kitten is now completely safe. We have many kittens available for adoption. If any of you want to adopt, you can contact us by email.

We do street feeding daily. We keep getting different cases. All cases we can not share with you on youtube. There are some cases like Toby's case or messy's case or Lusi's case that we haven't shared on youtube yet. If you want to see that too, you can check it out on Instagram.

My daily routine......

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