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Top 5 Devon Rex Facts - Devon Rex Cat Breed

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Top 5 Devon Rex Facts Devon Rex Cat Breed
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Is the Devon Rex hypoallergenic?
He is a good traveler and makes an excellent therapy cat. You may hear that the Devon Rex coat is hypoallergenic because of its texture, but that is not correct. Allergies are not caused by a particular coat type but by dander, the dead skin cells that are shed by all cats (and people, for that matter).

Are Devon Rex cats expensive?
How Much Does a Devon Rex Cost? It costs around $75$150 to adopt a Devon Rex. Conversely, it can be prohibitively expensive to buy a Devon from a breeder, somewhere in the $600$1,000 range.

Does a Devon Rex shed?
Despite popular myth, Devons are not hypoallergenic. They do shed, although their unique coat may make the shedding hair less obtrusive than that of many cats. While some people with animal allergies tolerate Devons very well, anyone with allergy issues should arrange to handle a Devon before considering acquiring one

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