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Top 15 Purrfectly Priced Felines: The Most Expensive Cat Breeds You Can Buy


If you love cats, you might be tempted to get one of these gorgeous and exotic breeds. But be prepared to pay a hefty price for these furry friends. In this video, we’ll reveal the 15 most expensive cat breeds in the world and what makes them so special. From the rare Ashera to the fluffy Maine Coon, these cats will amaze you with their beauty and personality. Watch till the end to find out which cat breed is the most expensive of all!

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Scottish Fold
00:54 American Curl
01:19 British Shorthair
01:43 Russian Blue
02:09 Maine Coon
02:34 Siberian
02:57 Ragdoll
03:21 Peterbald
03:46 Toyger
04:09 Persian
04:36 Sphynx
05:00 Khao Manee
05:25 Bengal
05:49 Savannah
06:14 Ashera
06:39 Conclusion

posted by jwulf9n