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TOP 10 Accidents In Metal Industry ✅


10 Accidents In Metal Industry!
This Video talks about different kinds of risks that is associated in metal industry. So. that we can aware you about safety instructions.
As you know safety of workers or individuals are primary concern for TTI.

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10 Slag Explosions
Slag or metal waste is the waste material that remains after OrePurification. And that won't be used in the metal processing.
Generally when metal impurities mix with water, for instance, a big explosion may occur.

#9 Electric Arc Furnaces
The electric arc furnaces have been substituting traditional furnaces in many steel plants worldwide.

#8 Boiler Explosion
Boilers are very important in the metal industry. They are defined as a closed pressure vessel where a fluid is heated by applying the resulting heat externally.

#7 Fires
One of the hazards to be considered in the metal industry is fire. Fire increases the possibilities for accidents to occur.

#6 Moisture
Water entry or just simple moisture in the boiler can produce bad results that could put at risk the worker’s live in the metal industry.

#5 Slag Dumping
We cannot consider the slag dumping as an accident, but the consequences of this action can be very negative. Slag or waste originate from ore smelting to purify metals.

#4 Steel Casting ladle break
Broadly speaking, the steel casting ladle is a tool used in the metal refining and casting. it is used to transport and pour the red hot metal. They are made of steel and have a refractory lining to withstand high temperatures.

#3 Molten Metal Splashes
One of the most common risks in metal smelting are the splashes of molten metal. It is in fact one of the points for risk prevention.

#2 Eruptions in Metal Casting Centres
A very risky event is the metal casting process. This process consists of pouring the smelted metal into a cast for it to become solid.

#1 Fire Loops or Cobble
this kind of accident can be lethal for workers who are near. The temperature of this kind of molten metal loops is extremely high.


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