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This Woman’s Stunning Camper Van is the Best I’ve Ever Seen!

Jordan Osmond

In this van tour we're checking out Clare's beautifully crafted campervan conversion! She spent over a year designing it down to the millimeter and now lives and travels in it fulltime. The van is a complete tiny home with a kitchen, toilet, shower, office, and bed, all in a vehicle that's just 6m long! #vanlife

00:00 Intro
00:25 Tour begins
01:41 Office
03:38 Kitchen
08:02 Shower & toilet
09:43 Living room
11:06 Bedroom
13:12 Back of van

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Website: https://vancamerawoman.weebly.com
Art: https://colinsart.redbubble.com

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Van built by Roaming Wild Campers: https://roamingwildcampers.com.au

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