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THIS Replaces UGLY Foil Insulation In Your RV Windows (Full DIY Build)

RV with Tito DIY

Get rid of UGLY Reflectix foil insulation in your RV windows. Here's a genius idea. Put the insulation in the shade. In this video I'll show you how to make a TITO Shade. It's insulated, adjustable, blocks all light, and looks nice!

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What is the TITO SHADE?
It's a oneofakind custom window covering I came up with that incorporates insulation inside the shade in a sleek attractive design. How can I describe it? It's lightblocking, lowprofile, insulated, adjustable, attractive, and removable for starters. Plus it's not expensive to make! I'll show you how.

I've made some for our RV bedroom windows that we've been testing in hot and cold weather. It insulates very well and keeps the room very dark. I just made another Tito Shade and filmed the entire process so you can make them too.

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