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Raising 3 Baby Squirrels That Got Kicked Out By Hand

A Chick Called Albert

The fairytale like story of saving these three little squirrels came with many ups and downs for me. Raising squirrel babies is exhausting, I was feeding them every three hours day and night for weeks and weeks and I thought that was as tough as it would get. Little did I know…

Important warning:
1. Never give cow milk to any animal…never. It is bad for them and it might even be fatal.
2. Before you think about owning a squirrel yourself… They need a very very large aviary when they grow up and actually I feel a squirrel should live in a tree unfortunately this species is not native to my country so I'm not allowed to set them free.

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Thanks so much, for watching, for commenting, for seeing what I see in animals. I think we can all take comfort in knowing there's many many people like you and me out there .,.

posted by remorsenlq