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Lost my chicken - (A Happy Story)

A Chick Called Albert

I lost my pet Chicken...
Then I discovered it was in the pan. (Don't worry)
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So I had a sweet chicken that was really my friend.
Then I lost it and I was really sad.

Txt in this video:
I had a small petchicken that I was fond of
One day she just disappeared
Some days later I found her in the pan
Here is what happened
Here she is, I like her a lot
I spoil her with treats
Her name is 'Kippiekip'
This translates into 'Chickychick'
Several times a day she comes inside for some attention
For moths this was our daily routine:
Every morning she would wake up in her plant...
Play in the garden...
After some time she would get a treat and we would talk a little...
She would come in to get some attention... five times...
I would let her in for the night...
We would work...
Finally I would tell her goodnight and she would go to sleep in her plant.
Every single night!
And then, a couple of weeks ago...
After a normal day...
Alright, no worries...
Sometimes she's just a little late...
But when it was dark...
This was weird
I searched a long time.
but she just wasn't there
Of course the next morning I looked for her again
Ok, now I really started to worry
I rang all the neighbour's doorbells...
And checked their gardens...
No one had seen her
A hawk? A cat?
After three days still nothing
She was really gone, my 'Kippiekip'
And then... the next evening, when I wanted to cook a meal...
What the...?!
The sweetheart, she was trying to become a mother
As you might know, we don't have a rooster
So the next day, I got her some fertilized eggs...
And a more comfortable nest
21 days later I heared something
The chick was ready to hatch so Kippiekip started to help
The next morning the first one...
and that night
They grew rapidly
and after a week I put them outside
Mum war happy to be outside again...
But for the chicks it was much to cold
So when mum called them
So now they all live inside
And where do they sleep, you wonder?

The music is through audionetwork.com
1 Elfin Magic by Alexander L' Estrange
2 Better With You by Bob Bradley/ Matt Parker/ Matt Sanchez/ Giuseppe De Luca

For filming I use a canon EOS 700D and an iphone 5s

posted by remorsenlq