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The only uninhabited island in the world with 700 rabbits | 2 days on Okuno Island Hiroshima Japan


What is Okuno Island?
Uninhabited island belonging to Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
It takes about 15 minutes by boat from Chukai Port. It has a circumference of approximately 4 km.
It was once called 'the island erased from the map' because of a poison gas factory. Currently, about 500600 rabbits inhabit the island

0:00 Opening.
2:08 Purchase ferry tickets at the Chuhai Port Rabbit Shop + introduction to souvenirs and food
5:13 Board a cruiser for Okunojima
7:58 Land on Okunojima! Rabbit spotted right away!
10:59 Board the free shuttle bus to the hotel
12:19 Spot a group of rabbits! Meal time!
13:27 A black rabbit that likes people but hates to be stroked.
14:30 Animals other than rabbits the island's problem rats
15:02 Problems on the rabbit island tourists leaving food behind
16:13 Little rabbits, big rabbits and boss rabbits
18:14 Thanks to the boss rabbit Beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea
18:58 Beautiful bathing beach on Okunojima
19:29 Sightseeing spots on Okunojima Rabbit ear collector
19:57 Three friendly rabbits of different colours
22:07 Campsites on Okunojima
23:33 Natural enemies of rabbits on Okuno Island: snakes, hawks and crows
24:28 The island's cutest and most rambunctious rabbits uncut.
27:41 Most of the island is covered in burrowing rabbits.
28:48 Checking into a hotel on Okunojima
32:33 Rabbits in the evening
33:50 Time for dinner! Sashimi, sushi, chestnuts, cake, tempura, salad!
37:33 Watching rabbits at night Watch out for wild boars!
40:03 Good morning! Morning rabbit watching! Rabbits like Peter Rabbit!
44:48 Breakfast! Okonomiyaki, ahi jio, hijiki, kiriboshi daikon, mackerel!
46:47 Exploring round the island! One hour on foot!
48:39 About Rabbit Island used to be a poison gas island.
53:32 Climbing up to the observatory on Okunojima!
55:09 Group of cute little rabbits!
57:02 Lunch on Okunojima Special lunch! Pizza toast in the shape of a rabbit!
58:52 The only souvenir corner on Okunojima! Lottery to try your luck!
1:01:44 Tourist numbers increase as the coronavirus settles down!

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I will introduce interesting things that have developed uniquely in Japan such as ferries, trains, bullet trains, capsule hotels, etc.


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