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Visiting the Biggest Cat Cafe in Japan | Cat Cafe MOCHA Lounge Shinjuku | ASMR

Its Time to Travel🇯🇵  / 旅する時間

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‍♀How to get to MOCHA Lounge Shinjuku
2 minute walk from Shinjuku Station

The charge is 220 yen (1.26 GBP / 1.58 USD / € 1.47) per 10 minutes. Please note, there is an additional 55 yen surcharge on holidays.
The maximum charge is 2,640 yen (15.14 GBP / 19.00 USD / € 17.65), with an additional 330 yen surcharge on holidays.
There is a separate charge of 385 yen (2.21 GBP / 2.77 USD / € 2.57) for unlimited drinks.

Opening Hours
The cafe is open from 10:00am to 8:00pm, with last entry at 7:30pm. It is open throughout the year.
*Please note, this cafe is only open to individuals older than junior high school age.

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⌛Time Stamp
0:00 Opening
0:12 Heading to the cafe
0:38 Cat cafe MOCHA Lounge Shinjuku
1:02 Cafe System
2:43 Let's go meet the cats!
3:04 The tour and price of Cat Cafe Mocha Shinjuku
4:49 Cat care : Litter Boxes and Water Stations, etc.
6:03 Friendly and individual cats
7:05 Crane game for human snack
7:43 Capsule toy for cat snacks
11:20 Games
12:19 Cat toy
13:14 Cats are cute anyway
13:53 Cat ice cream
15:46 Laptop Cat
18:11 Dinner
19:10 We are back at the cat cafe
21:20 Cat's Dinner Time
25:25 After closing the cat cafe

♫Ending Music
Akira Okumura (

Rabbit Dolls
Sylvanian Families (

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