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Cats are the most loving animals around, but some are so cute that it’s impossible to stop hugging them. Get ready to fall in love with these adorable cat breeds!

British Shorthair
Okay, after watching this, you’ll probably think that the cat I’m about to show you isn’t cute at all, but you’re wrong. It’s just acting! The British Shorthair is a very sweet kitty, but for some reason, the big screen doesn’t do it justice.

Bengal Cat
Can you imagine being able to pet a leopard without risking losing your hand or life? "A leopard can kill you" Well, it’s possible, and not only that, you can have it at home!

Abyssinian Cat
Speaking of homemade versions of big wild cats, how about having a cougar wandering your living room? “A cougar, die cougar!” Calm down, Homer.

Scottish Fold
Better be ready to get a high dose of cuteness, because the next kitten on the list is biologically meant to be adorable.

Bombay Cat
The Bombay Cat is one of the most gorgeous cat breeds around without a doubt. You just need to look at its slender body and that shiny black coat.

Persian Cat
Please, move aside for one of the most famous cats in the film industry. Yes, the next on the list is Snowbell, Stuart Little’s pet cat!

Aww, isn’t this kitty adorable? It surely is! I mean, check those paws, they’re so small! This feline is a Munchkin, it comes from the United States, and turned those short legs into its own brand.

American Curl
Oops, looks like someone found out it was next on the list and pricked up its ears to hear its name, but tried so hard that they curled back!

Have you heard that cats are cold and distant animals? Well, not the PixieBob. This feline is so faithful and caring that has been called “the dog among cats”.

Egyptian Mau
I’ll introduce you to His Majesty, the king of Egypt. "You are speaking with a pharaoh" Yes, I know. That is its nickname. And it couldn’t be better!

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