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The Amazing 2 Year Story Of My Baby u0026 Husky Becoming Best Friends! [UNSEEN CLIPS]


Soooo hello everyone! It’s 5 days now till Parker’s 2nd birthday we cannot believe how fast this time has gone. From day one my huskies have always been there bonding and growing in love! Millie our husky was there from day one! She has helped him crawl, helped him walk helped him talk, helped every step of the way! It’s totally unbelievable really how amazing they have been with each other. Millie had puppies a few years ago so her maternal instincts always remained. She taken our baby on like he was her own. It has melted the hearts of the whole world. What I love about this is on social media there are people from all over the world. All with different wants and needs. All with different views and hopes. All with different political views etc but no matter what people still all come together to adore the amazing bond they have. As a father I could not be prouder of my babies and huskies but to know we have made so many smile over the world means more to me than you will all know. So many people message us daily saying how they have felt so low and not wanted to live anymore till they seen our videos and it give them the first smile in a long time and helped them feel life is worth living which again you do not realise how much that means to us. Yes babies and dogs are not for everybody some people disagree with how I raise my children that’s always going to be the case but in my opinion we all live in different countries with different views different viruses different everything. My dogs are like my children and I was always raised with dogs kissing and cuddling them and I’m healthy. Yes it may be a very very very low risk something may happen but life is a risk, walking to the shop is a risk, eating food is a risk, driving a car is a risk, flying in a plane is a risk but everything positive can be a risk! We cannot live our lives sugarcoating our children and we cannot protect them from everything. Anything can happen and trust me I know that. My friends who all have babies and NO dogs are always poorly yet Parker is such a healthy strong boy. If this still isn’t something you want to see why watch us? Just saying! Lol! Anyway hope this makes you all smile as much as it does for me! This is probably our longest video description everrrrrr! Watching them grow from day one to day 720 is unbelievable! Hope this makes you all smile! Thanks for watching and listening. Love you all! No matter where your from no matter who you are. We love you!

posted by instinctual07do