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The Abyssinian Cat 101 : Breed u0026 Personality

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In today's video, we are going to talk about a domesticated cat that resembles a mountain lion. This cat breed was rumored to have originated in ancient Egypt, where they were the sacred pets of the Pharaohs.

The Abyssinian cat.

The Abyssinian is a mediumsized, fineboned, slender cat. The head is moderately wedgeshaped, with a slight break in the muzzle, and when seen in profile, the nose and chin preferably form a straight vertical line. They've got alert, fairly big and pointed ears. The eyes are almondshaped with a similar hue to their fur, depending on the color of the coat, which can be gold, green, hazel, or copper. In proportion to a graceful body, the legs appear to be long with tiny oval paws. Also, Their tail is equally long and tapering.

Abyssinian kittens are born with dark coats that gradually lighten as they mature, usually over several months. The adult coat should not be excessively short and it should be ideally dense, compact, and almost silky to the touch. The ticked or agouti effect, which is the trademark of the breed, should be uniform all over the body. Although the ridge of the spine and tail, back of the hind legs, and the pads of the paws should noticeably be darker.

Abyssinians are a popular breed, mainly due to their unusual intelligence and extroverted nature. They are also known to have playful and willful personalities. They are said to become depressed, without constant activity combined with the lack of attention of their owners. Veterinarian Joan O. Joshua, has written that the "doglike attachment to the owners" of Abyssinian and Burmese cats, causes "greater dependence on human contacts". This stands in contrast to the mere "tolerant acceptance of human company", based around "comforting circumstances" that multiple breeds display.

Abyssinians are not the type of cat that would let you carry it, so owners who are looking for a cuddle buddy, this cat may not be for you. Because they can often be courageous, curious, and highlyspirited, when they feel restrained, they will struggle their way out of that embrace. Abyssinians tend to wiggle their way out of your arms. In short, Abyssinians are the type of animals that respect personal space, but be aware that they will still follow you around, and will constantly lay down next to you.

Abyssinians are generally a healthy breed, since they have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. But that does not mean they are susceptible to some health issues.

Here are 3 of the most common complications that you should look out for.

1. The breed can be prone to gingivitis, which can lead to a more serious condition, periodontitis.

2. Familial Renal Amyloidosis. This is a kidney disorder that is caused by the mutation in the amyloid protein gene.

3. The Abyssinian has severe problems with blindness, this blindness is caused by a hereditary retinal degeneration related to the mutations in the R.D.A.C. gene.

Although most of this can be solved with good oral care and a highquality diet, it is still advisable that you consult your local veterinarian. Having regular visits with your vet can ensure that your lovable companion lives a long and healthy life.

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