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Abyssinian Cat Breed: Pros u0026 Cons


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The Abyssinian is one of the most ancient breeds that have retained their population to this day. They embody the lightness and grace of the Ancient East. There is an opinion that the breed was bred in ancient Ethiopia (Abyssinia). From which the name. In European countries, Abyssinian favorites appeared in the 19th century.

These are small animals, the weight of which varies between 46 kg. The breed has a characteristic color. Cats are miniature, graceful, and lean. The smoothness of the bends of the posture, the muscular body, and the presentable appearance will “please the eye”. The Abyssinian cat is not difficult to recognize among other breeds.

Some owners of Abyssinian cats have the impression that they do not sleep at all. It's hard to keep track of your pet. The cat was just on the windowsill, looking at the birds outside the window. In a moment, he is already on the mezzanine. The animal will do its best to be the center of attention. The cat is playful and never gets tired of demonstrating his dexterity and ingenuity.

To provide the necessary care for the Abyssinian cat, you first need to buy a sufficient number of toys and organize a space for games. Balls, puzzles, and various teasers everything will do. The pet will be happy to break toys, drive them into a corner and get them out of hardtoreach places in the house.

We must not forget about the love of Abyssinian beauties for heights. And if you do not take care of the special devices for animals, they are sure to conquer the tops of your furniture and decor elements. Although everything can go well. The gracefulness of the animal allows you to bypass vases, figurines, and other decorative elements. But this will last until something interests the cat.

The Abyssinian beauty really needs constant attention and company. She shouldn't be left alone. If the hosts go away on business for half a day or more, you need to take care of a friend. You can buy another animal of the same breed with activity at about the same level. Otherwise, the pet can "smash the apartment to smithereens", wanting to find an interesting activity for himself.

How to care for an Abyssinian cat?

The breed is not particularly whimsical. Animals have short fur. Does not require specialized care. It is enough to comb the coat a couple of times a week with a special comb for shorthaired cats. During active molting, it is recommended that Abyssinian cats be bathed more often to help them get rid of excess hair.

We must not forget about the timely vaccination and treatment of animals from parasites. Regularly monitor the condition of your pet's claws. Trim them promptly. And to protect your property from damage, you can buy a special scratching post. The diet of an Abyssinian handsome man deserves special attention. If any abnormalities occur, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

What is the best food for a cat?

The opinions of experts about feeding cats with dry food or natural products are divided in half. It is more convenient to use the first option. The diet will be completely balanced, and filled with the right amount of useful trace elements. But such premium food is expensive. And not everyone can afford it. Whereas cheaper counterparts do not match the quality. They can even harm your pet.

From natural products, preference should be given to fresh meat. It is prefrozen in the freezer. You don't have to fry or boil it. The cat is primarily a predator, and he is entitled to fresh meat. Fish should not be abused. Useful vitamins and microelements will enter the diet along with carrots, beets, broccoli, and zucchini.
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