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Teaching a 4 week to 5 week old kitten to eat solid food - found a kitten - stabilizing them

Catville TNR

Edited to add: ALWAYS make sure the kitten is warm before trying to feed.
And after this video was taken I rubbed him with kleenex to see if he needed to pee in case he didn't know how to on his own yet. He peed for ages while I rubbed him with kleenex. Always check at this age to make sure they can pee on their own!
This little guy was found on a walking path by kids. This is an example of how I introduce food to kittens that are found at an age where they have teeth but have never eaten solid food. And these are the things I do to help stabilize and adjust kittens to being away from their mom after they are found and taken into rescue.

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posted by stalowniayd