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SOUTH AFRICA rhino baby is 'challenging' his father Kruger national park

Harry Mateman

(Some subscribers asked for a video with the original sound, that is why I have uploaded another video (with original sound):

   • SOUTH AFRICA rhino baby is "challengi...  ).

There is a lot of discussion about the question who is dad and who is mom.
The young stays with its mother, that is sure.
This video gives not a good answer, but if you would watch the above mentioned extended version you would see at 1.40 the tit of the udder in a split second.
We met this family (dad, mam and newborn child) in the south of Kruger national park early in the morning. It was funny to see how the young rhino was "greeting" her/his father.
Music by Rick Clarke (African Safari).
#youngrhino #kruger #harrymateman

posted by kaalbas2p