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Siberian Kitten | First 3 Months at Home


Watch Gato, the Siberian Kitten, as he embarks on his first 3 months in his new home!
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In this video:
0:00 Intro & collection (3 months old)
0:33 Car journey home
1:37 At home & first steps
2:44 Intro to litter box
2:59 Attempting to bond & first meal
3:54 Play time
6:10 Chilling and more playing
8:01 Teaching tricks Playing fetch
8:22 Watching JamPak
8:45 Sprinting for food
9:43 Being cute
10:14 Jumping over bottles
10:23 Drinking from water fountain
10:48 Using his litter box
11:10 Playing football
11:25 Sleepy & Amazon boxes
11:45 Getting big! (6 months old)
12:04 Yawning
12:33 A walk on his throne

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