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Scottish Fold / Guide / Care

Luxury Kittens Scottish Fold

My name is Valeriya and I am the owner behind the cattery, conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA.
Years back, when I got my first kitten, I fell in love with the breed so dearly, I knew I wont stop there.
In Luxury Kittens Scottish Fold we have been breeding the Folds since 2009 and are surely ready to help you extend your family to one more member a fluffy little kitty cat! Using our expertise, it is my top priority to satisfy customer's expectations with the choice of an adorable and healthy Scottish Fold kitten.

The Scottish fold is a very special breed of cat, not to say a purrfect one! Laidback by nature, the Folds are genetically not aggressive. There is nothing a Scottish Fold likes better than be surrounded by people, which makes this little teddy bear a great companion and a true friend to its owner! These cats are considered to be extremely intelligent, capable of building deep attachments with their loved humans as well as enjoying the shared living with other animals. Known for their sweet babyface expressions, Scottish Folds enamor one at first sight!

Luxury Kittens Scottish Fold cattery specializes in purebred Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens coming in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid classic ones as well as rare and unique coloured fur coats. Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful and sweet tempered kittens that meet the breed standards precisely. All kittens are raised in a family, surrounded by lots of love and attention as well as abundant human contact, which helps us to learn the character of each kitten resulting in the right choice of your new family member!

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