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RV Water Pump Pulsating ON u0026 OFF • City Water/Tank Fill Valve Replacement


Why is the RV Water Pump Pulsating ON & OFF—THE FIX—Replace Faulty City Water/Tank Fill Valve

In this video I go into detail how to diagnose the problem and a full tear down of the wet bay and show how to replace the City Water / Tank Fill Valve—aka diverter valve—how to replace RV 1/2” PEX water lines with 1/2” cinch clamps, test the entire wet bay water system, some electrical tips for the wet bay utility light and at the end, I cover some other tips about using the RV water pump, an additional check valve you can install as a back up and some safety tips whenever you leave the RV or when you go to bed.

If you have any of the following problems or questions like: Why is my RV freshwater tank filling up on it’s own, why is my water pump coming ON and OFF every couple of minutes, my RV City Water / Tank Fill Valve is not working right, I think my water pump is having problems, I’m not sure if my RV water pump check valve is ok and so on….this video is for you.

Every time we had the city water off and was exclusively using the water pump in the RV, I could hear the water pump come on and go off for just about a second or so and this was happening about every 2 minutes. The pump was ON, but we weren’t turning on any faucets, the shower, flushing the toilet or anything. But you could hear it come on and off in the bedroom or in the bathroom. The water pump would come on and go off on it’s own for about 1 second or so. 2 minutes would pass then it would do it again.

After checking and making sure there was no air in any of the water lines, pump or the water heater, there’s only 3 things that could be causing the water pump to pulsate ON and OFF:
1) There is a small leak somewhere in the RV I checked everywhere and there was no leaks
2) Water is getting past the city / tank fill valve, or
3) Water is getting past the check valve in the water pump

There’s only two ways the RV fresh water tank can fill itself?
1) Water is getting past the city / tank fill valve
2) Water getting past the check valve in the water pump

To find the new replacement valve on eBay that I used go to ebay and type in: 1/2" PEX x 1/2" PEX Crimp Angle Outlet Stop Valve, 1/4Turn Ball, LEADFREE NSF

So whether we had the RV hooked up to city water or using the water pump and fresh water from the tank, this valve was leaking by the City Water / Tank Fill Valve and filling up the fresh water tank over time. If you only hook up your RV to city water you’d never know this problem is happening because the leak by is silent. But using the pump and fresh water tank, the pump has to work and it will alert you that you have a pressure leaking problem.

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