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Rescuing a Helpless Kitten from the Cold Streets - Whole Story

Stray Paws of Istanbul

This video is part II of "Tiny Kitten's Cry for Help on a Freezing Cold Day". After rescuing him from the cold streets I put an ad for him on an adoption website. Several hours later 2 people called and I already know which person to choose to give my precious furball. My only goal when finding a home for kitties is a forever home. A home where other family members see the kitten as a real family member. A foreverloving home. After 3 day of speaking on the phone and preparing, Bulut the kitten was ready to go to his new home. Usually, I foster care for kittens for at least a month. But yeah, it was a perfect home for him. Even though it was a very short fostering period he put a permanent mark on my heart, with his cute meows and loud purrs.

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posted by hobinladenx3