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Quid and Raindrop's Adoption - Nov 24th.


Quid and Raindrop went to their new home today with their adopter Babelglyph from the Discord chat.
This video has captions and music. Photo collections of the kittens will be in a separate video!

Recorded from the livestream ‪@KittenAcademy‬ and edited by ‪@BizziCat‬

00:00 Intro Babelglyph arrives at KA.
02:00 Loading endowments into car {high speed}
03:00 Mr. A packing up Jungle tunnel and cube.
03:24 Babelglyph comes on camera.
09:08 Raindrop has harness put on.
10:27 Babelglyph picks up Raindrop.
12:05 Reaching out to befriend Quid.
13:15 Quid gets a tiny harness, immeditely deactivates, harness removed.
15:12 Babelglyph pets Squall.
15:58 Audio returns, weighing session starts.
16:10 Squall in Babelglyph's lap.
16:52 Micro Closeup starts, Teaspoon weighed.
18:45 Squall weighed.
19:06 Drizzle weighed.
19:45 Till weighed.
20.30 Wellington weighed.
20:57 QUID'S GOODBYE WAVE and weighed.
21:24 Quid in Babelglyph's sleeve.
22:07 Audio turned off, music returns.
23:56 Quid runs onto main camera.
25:40 Babelglyph and Quid cuddles.
26:08 Kittens into carriers.
28:39 Kittens taken out to car. Bye Bye Kids!
29:35 AUDIO RETURNS and after speech.
32:15 Mr. A, was my car just stolen? lol. Joke! to end.

posted by havelany5d