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I upload cute and fun moments from the Kitten Academy live stream. Here you will find Kitten playtimes, special events, occasional micro closeups and mailbags and news updates!

Kitten Academy are fosters that specialize in receiving rescued pregnant, mom cats. It is run by Mr. A ( Mr Academy) and his wife DJ from their home in Connecticut.
The live stream runs 24/7 and has been up since 2016. All kittens and mom cats are adopted out after their spays and neuters. You can follow their daily lives until they are ready to be rehomed.
Visit the Kitten Academy website for details on Kitten Academy.
To fill out an application for adopting kittens and mom cats
If you have questions for Kitten Academy please email them at: [email protected]

Would you like to join the Discord chat? It’s the best place on the internet! Here’s the link….

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