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Puppy Growing from 2 month to 8 month | Cavoodle

Olive Joa

Sharing our journey with our new family member Cavoodle Olive from 2 month to 8 month

8 month young
Female F1 #Cavapoo
Eat Sleep Play Repeat
Interests: I Mum's socks I Stalking Daddy
Found my forever home on 6/3/20

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#cavoodle #puppy #funnydogs #cavapoo #maltipoo

Music provided by BGM President
Track : Playful Kitten    • [냥냥 귀여운음악]  Playful Kitten | 딱 들으면 고양...  
Track : Totteringly    • [브금대통령] (귀여움/밝음/Animal) 뒤뚱뒤뚱 / Totter...  
Track : Baby Swing    • [브금대통령] (코믹/활발/Exciting) Baby Swing [...  
Track : Puzzled    • [브금대통령] (호기심/귀여운/Cute) 알쏭달쏭/Puzzled [...  
Track : A day of tomboy    • [브금대통령](조카/초딩/Cute) 말괄량이의 하루/A day of...  
Track : YumYum    • [미칠듯이 귀여운 음악] 옴뇸뇸/YumYum | 주의 : 심장에 안...  

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