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Pretty Litter Review - Pros u0026 Cons

Mika Senbei Gakuen

Pretty Litter PROS & CONS

Interior of the litter box looks clean
Identifies your cat's health by looking at their pee
Very light, easy to scoop
Delivers to your door every month (so you won’t have to go to the grocery stores and carry those heavy litters)

It still dust… (I was hoping it won't)
A litter more expensive than the other litter (however, with the delivery and all the perks I think its worth it)

I have only use Pretty Litter for a few days but so far I highly recommend it. I don't like scooping that much but Pretty Litter makes it easier to scoop since its light weight. Clay litter are heavy and finding the poo was difficult.

The automatic delivery is a no brainer. I hate buying or carrying the litter box. Its so heavy and I don't like the fact that it looks bad for the environment.

After 30 Days Using Pretty Litter

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posted by sveim59