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One year ago we flooded a forest - the results are insane

Mossy Earth

Last year we flooded a forest and the results were amazing. This year we really hoped it would flood again and this is what happened.

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Early Spring
5:03 April floods
9:30 May floods
12:56 Summer floods

Old Photo Credit: V. Andráš and the man in the picture is Prof. RNDr Vladimír Kováč, CSc.

Over recent decades, large swathes of Slovakia’s wetlands have been lost. They have been drained to make way for agriculture as a result of the construction of dams for hydroelectric power, as well as for timber production. Wetlands are an integral part of the Danube floodplain landscape in Slovakia and draining them to plant trees has detrimental impacts on the environment. Wetlands store large amounts of carbon and are home to a diversity of plant and animal species that are specially adapted to the wet conditions. One of these species is the nationally endangered and endemic Pannonian root vole, which has declined drastically in Slovakia in response to disappearing wetlands. This project will turn forest back into a wetland by digging 650 meters of ditches. This will kickstart a “flood” of change and bring back a healthy functioning, sustainable and wilder ecosystem.

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