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Olivia Vs Flossie | Hometown Showdown

olivia neill

Whose hometown is the best? I’m showing off Belfast to my bestie Flossie Clegg who in turn shows off her birthplace, the Cotswolds. We’ll abseil down a skyscraper, drink brown lemonade and go shinkicking but only a ride on the wings of a biplane will determine the winner!

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Abseiling Down A Building
02:22 Bike Tour Around The City
03:14 Olivia and Flossie Try Local Delicacies
06:07 Racing Olivia’s Ma and Da
07:47 Waterpark Challenge
09:40 Cotswolds Horse Riding
10:39 Making Pottery
12:56 Shinkicking With Flossie
15:36 Trying Cotswolds Wine, Cheese and Cakes
17:00 Riding on the Wings of A Biplane

posted by greggyisemok4