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NiKO pushed the LAVA BUTTON!! Adley is the boss at Tumbling School! Mom u0026 Dad learn u0026 win a sticker

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

Welcome to Adley's Gymnastics Class!


HEY EVERYBODY!! It's time for my tumbling/gymnastics class, and my students should be here any minute! I guess I will start cleaning up my studio and getting everything set up. I have loved doing tumbling for my whole life, it's SO fun to set up our nuggets around the house and have a mini obstacle course inside. Anyways, I was almost done with all my chores to do in the studio and my students still weren't here! When they FiNALLY showed up I found out that Niko PUSHED THE LAVA BUTTON, and that is why they took so long. Niko and Mom were playing with toys when Dad busted through the door to tell them that they were late for tumbling practice! As they were cleaning up the toys Niko found a rocket ship with a lava button on it. Mom and Dad didn't believe that it was a REAL lava button so Niko pressed it to show them. But then they didn't have any way of turning it off, so they had to build an Obby to get downstairs. We had SO much fun practicing all of our Gymnastics moves today! Thanks for coming to my tumbling class!

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Bye vlog pshhhhh

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