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Adley's HAiR SALON and MAKE UP đź’„ Navey gets a makeover! Niko and Dad fall asleep at the Prank Spa!

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

oh no.. Niko turned into a chameleon


HEY EVERYBODY!! I am SOOO BORED!!! I've been working at my Hair and Makeup Salon all day and 0 customers have been here! Me and my assistant Jenny were just laying around all day until she remembered that she had a date tonight! So instead of waiting for customers, I would do her hair and makeup instead! I was trying to brush her hair but the comb kept getting caught and pulling her hair! While I was was giving her a makeover she noticed that our sign has said "CLOSED" for the WHOLE DAY!! That's why we weren't getting any customers! We flipped it to open and a bunch of clients started to show up! The first customer was a... BABY?! And she was a robber baby.. she tried to steal money from the cash register! I gave her a style book with all the hair and makeup styles to choose from! We started giving her a makeover and she was looking beautiful!! But then she got ahold of the lipstick and started to color all over herself and my assistant Jenny! My next customer was a boy named Niko! He was going to a Minecraft party later so he needed a cool look! He wanted us to make him look like a chameleon! We started with the chameleon hair! Then we put white makeup around his eyes and drew a big red tongue on his cheek! We might have made him look too realistic... because he started turning into a REAL CAMELEON!! He was even eating bugs! Anyways, our last customer of the day was the baby and the chameleon boy's dad! He just wanted a cool Spacestation Gaming look.. but this is a pranking salon so we had a good prank idea instead. We were gonna make him look like SpongeBob SquarePants! First we made his entire face yellow, then we put lots of black dots on him! After we were done we gave him a mirror to look at himself. He was so angry that we didn't do SSG style! I'm really glad we opened our new hair salon and makeup store because I ended up having a LOT of fun today!

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Bye vlog pshhhhh

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