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ADLEY’S MYSTERY CAFE!! Chef Adley is the BOSS! neighborhood play doh restaurant! cops vs robbers

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

there’s a surprise in EVERY FOOD!!

LET'S BE FRIENDS https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today I opened a new restaurant called "Adley's Mystery Café" where every food has a surprise! We got our first customer right away, he ordered turtle tacos, cereal, and chocolate milk. I went back to the kitchen and told Chef Niko and Chef Mom and we got to making it right away. We must have done a good job because the customer seemed really happy when he left. After our first customer Chef Niko went on break and our second customer arrived. It was a grandpa and his grandson going out to eat to celebrate his grandson's birthday. They ordered fish soup, spaghetti, and shark spaghettio's with Strawberry juice and diet cola on the side. I had to make sure the grandson didn't get bored waiting for his food so I brought him a beauty and the beast and paw patrol coloring book. The next customer was a super cool surfer dude that Chef mom thought was SO CUTE! He ordered a pizza and snow cones. Chef Mom started making the pizza while me and Chef Niko made the snow cones. When chef mom finished the pizza she drew a big heart on it because she had a crush on the surfer boy. He liked the pizza and snow cones SO much, he even gave Chef Mom his phone number! Our last customer looked a little bit suspicious... he had a stripped shirt on with handcuffs. He told me that his shirt was just from his favorite band but he didn't fool me, so I ran to the kitchen and told Chef Mom that there was a robber in our restaurant. We all chased him out of the store but he dropped money from his money bag all over the place! I had such a fun time running Adley's mystery café!

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Bye vlog pshhhhh

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