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New IQ Test For My Husky Dogs And Cats! Food in a Hanging Bottle

North Yuki Husky

Three dogs and three cats compete in who will get the treat out of the hanging bottle faster. Huskies deftly use their mouth and paws. But a smart dog must first guess that it is necessary to turn the bottle over. Cokes are more resourceful, but lazy. Which of my pets will be more savvy? Funny IQ test for dogs and cats.

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0:00 Teaser
0:09 Agouti Husky Monty solves the IQ test
1:27 Husky dog Yuki gets a treats
2:47 Smart husky Monty gets a treat again
3:05 Olivia the puppy gets a treat from a bottle
4:32 Cat Belka solves the IQ test

#dog #husky #catvsdog

posted by lawator55