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MrBeast Gets Flagrant and Walked Away from $1 BILLION DOLLARS


The greatest YouTube Creator of All Time MrBeast joins us in the studio today to discuss his new girlfriend, turning down $1 billion dollars, and why he wants to run for president. INDULGE!

september 29 October 1 | Raleigh, nc
October 68 | Pittsburgh, PA
October 1415 | Virginia beach, VA
October 2729 | Philadelphia, PA
November 1719 | New York city, NY

00:00 Start
02:35 MrBeast humble flexes his riches
07:02 Does More wealth make you lazier?!
08:03 MrBeast's first video
10:52 MrBeast's final video idea
15:44 Elon Musk’s Twitter offer for MrBeast
21:35 MrBeasts stalkers
31:27 MrBeast's girlfriend
41:13 Schulz reviews MrBeast Burger
46:16 Schulz YouTube advice for MrBeast
47:22 Was the buried alive video faked
54:58 Beast’s foreign language dubbed channels
01:01:44 YouTube is BETTER THAN Movies and Music
01:03:13 MrBeast 2032 Presidential Run
01:08:45 Uploading, delegating to his "clone"
01:14:44 Power of storytelling for retention
01:19:32 Old media not understanding power of YouTube
01:25:13 MrBeast's old crew + making successful videos
01:29:46 Thumbnails + old videos as examples
01:31:27 Video that MrBeast thought would do well and flopped
01:34:01 Andrew will be in a MrBeast video
01:40:52 MrBeast slaps Andrew + growing with audience
01:44:25 Most famous celeb in MrBeast's phone + power of influence
02:00:56 Obsession Food pantries, early YouTube & being an outsider
02:16:08 First YouTube billionaires next year
02:19:43 People not knowing MrBeast is an exciting opportunity for him
02:23:27 Squid Game video breakdown
02:43:16 Success of dubbing + employing experts + KNOWLEDGE
02:55:10 MrBeast offered $1 BILLION for EVERYTHING
02:59:11 Animations + future projects + storytelling
03:04:29 Most emotional reaction + helping others + online hate
03:14:56 how MrBeast met his girlfriend
03:25:04 Alexander the Great inspiring MrBeast's domination
03:28:38 "Hi me in 5 years " Videos for your future self
03:31:20 Feeling like an outsider + fitting in + levelling up


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