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Bobby Lee: 'My Ex Will Get NOTHING'


Whats up people! Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino from Bad Friends came by the pod to have maybe the most insane hour we've ever seen. THEY DESERVE THE EMMY. Strap in and INDULGE!

00:00 Intro
00:52 Khalyla is moving out
01:58 Marrying Rich
05:25 Bobby Lee bombing
06:45 Bobby exposing Akaash
09:27 Bobby sober for 7 months… maybe
24:04 Bobby would be hard if grew up hard
34:39 Bobby and Akaash are the funny ethnic sidekicks?
41:00 Santino is a phenomenal actor…
54:29 Mark Gagnon can SING
01:00:00 Bobby Lee can sing… Akaash catches a stray
01:15:28 Harder performing in front of family
01:28:41 Happy Birthday, Bobby

posted by nestledersz