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Max Throws a Tantrum Over an Apple (Subtitles)

Max the Moluccan

What started as a conversation about an apple turned into a tantrum. In so many ways I'm just like a toddler with really big feelings. Although I threw a wobbler over an apple, when my momager finally offered one to me I was no longer interested. I forgot to remember that I wanted a snack. Clearly I was overtired as you can see with the surprise ending.

I get upset quickly and I calm down just as easily. My momager knows to give me the space I need to vent my big feelings. She stays calm and waits it out. She also keeps her hands away when I am upset during a tantrum I'm not always rational about my actions. Tantrums don't last long when you feel safe and secure. My hooman understands that it's just part of me being a bird I can be very loud, but it's my way to express myself.

Although this video is subtitled, my momager didn't try to capture the words that I yell when I am angry. She promised to never say those words to me, and is respecting that.

On a scale of one to ten I rate this tantrum as a Moluccan. The numbers just don't make sense.

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